How to Rebuild Your Credit

If you’ve taken stock of your credit score and realized you’ve got some work to do, then the best thing you can do is get organized and stick to a plan.

Rebuilding your credit isn’t too complicated but it can take time, so it’s important to follow the proper steps to avoid being stuck with bad credit any longer than necessary.

Get Familiar with Your Credit Reports

big 3 credit reporting agenciesThe first thing you need to do is find out what you need to fix. The only way you can improve your credit score is to get your credit reports. You are entitled to a free credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies once per year. Since your FICO credit score is based off of the information in these reports, this should be your first step in rebuilding your credit.

Go to the websites for Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, and follow the steps to obtain your free copy from each. If it hasn’t been more than a year since the last time you requested your credit report, then you’ll need to pay about $10 to get what you need.

Once you have your credit reports in hand, you’ll see a ton of information about your financial history. This includes everything from credit card activity, student loans, debts in collection and third party inquiries into your credit history. You’ll also see things like your credit limits, how long your accounts have been opened and a lot of personal information like former addresses and employment history.

Find and Fix Errors

Now that you have your reports, you need to look for mistakes. Many people think the information in their credit reports is written in stone, but that is not the case. Most credit reports contain some inaccurate information, but it’s up to you to find it and contest it. This could be anything from incorrect personal information, incorrect payment history or even accounts that aren’t even yours due to identity theft – all of which could be harming your credit score.

When you find errors in your reports, you should follow the procedure for disputing information with each of the major credit reporting agencies. Experian, TransUnion and Equifax all have their own procedures for getting incorrect information removed, so be sure you follow the steps as required for their dispute resolution process.

Other Issues Keeping Your Credit Score Low

credit score pie chartOnce you have corrected the errors, there is a good chance you’ll still have some work to do. These are the things that may take some time, but the first step is to identify the areas that you need to improve. Look for things like late payments, maxed out credit cards or applying for too much credit in a short period of time. Other things that may not jump out at you, but are just as important are things like average account age or only one type of credit account.

Make a Plan and Track Your Progress

Your biggest ally is time. If you’ve got a poor record of making your payments on time, the only way to fix this is to start making your payments on time, every time. As the months roll on and your poor payment history gets further away, you’ll begin to see improvements in your credit score. If you’re just disorganized and forgetful, it could be as easy as setting up automatic bill payments with your bank and email or calendar reminders.

If you have too much debt, the only solution is to get your credit utilization rate below 20-30%. This is the number representing your total debt divided by your available credit. The lower this number, the better – so keep a close eye on it and don’t max out your credit cards!

In the end though, the best thing you can do to improve your credit score is to monitor it closely. There is nothing more effective than seeing it improve over time as you correct things on your report. Different financial institutions use different scoring systems, but if you follow these steps you’ll improve your credit score before you know it.

Grants For Women

The government has special programs set aside for women, some of which are designed to assist in starting up a small business.

Additionally, there are many programs providing grants and scholarships for school (including loans for school and Financial aid), and even grants for graduate school including law school and medical school.

Government Grants For Women

Throughout the history, people have witnessed the gradual transition of the role of women in society. From mere housewives in patriarchal societies, women around the world are now seen as equals of men. Indeed, the traditional notion that men work for a living while women are left at home to rear the children and to do the chores is no longer applicable. Nowadays, more and more opportunities are made available for women especially in the field of education, business, entrepreneurship and even sports.

The rights and privileges being enjoyed by women in modern day societies is brought about largely by movements which sought for women empowerment. In fact, most countries have codified and adopted the principle of women empowerment as part of their legal systems if only to ensure social justice. But perhaps, one of the most effective ways in ensuring women empowerment is to provide grants for women that include: business grants; federal grants; private grants; corporate grants; and professional grants.

Grants specifically for women – what are they?

Grants are funds given to an individual or an organization by another entity in order to finance a given charity event or any other activity and/or facility. Usually, grants are given to serve as an aid, though sometimes they are also given to encourage a certain activity. Before grants are given, certain requirements and limitations are established in order to determine those that are eligible for funding and support.

What makes grants unique is the fact that once given, it is not required to be repaid for as long as the grant given is used to finance the activity, event or charity for which it was granted.

Financial Security, Independence and Stability
Most women are interested in putting up small business which they can manage and own. In fact, small businesses nowadays are usually owned by women. Unfortunately, the capital needed to put up a business is usually obtained through loans from the bank. As such, women tend to borrow their capital from friends and other family members to start a business thereby jeopardizing their own financial stability.

By providing business grants and assistance, women would be given the chance to start their own business without worrying too much on how to pay back for them.

This would also give them financial security and stability thereby reducing their economic dependence from their respective husbands, other people or family members who loaned the money to them.

Government Support through Federal Grants

Countries which started to promote women empowerment, through their respective governments, have started to provide federal grants in order to help women secure undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This is to ensure that women find career opportunities in their chosen fields of expertise.
Governments also provide federal grants to organizations that adopt programs which seek to promote women empowerment in the field of health, business and commerce as well as science and technology.

Corporate Grants to Empower Women

Several corporations that adhere to the principle of corporate social responsibility have provided grants to women in order to help them finish their education or to ensure their professional advancement and growth in the careers that they have chosen.

Private Grants from Foundations

Grants for women may also come from the generosity of private individuals who take pride in promoting and ensuring women empowerment and development. Private grants and awards are usually handled by a committee formed by a private organization which serves as a foundation primarily geared towards helping women.

Career Advancement and Development from Professional Grants

To support the career advancement as well as the professional growth and development of women within certain professions, universities, colleges and even non- profit organizations give professional grants.

Indeed, the role of women in modern day societies is rapidly changing. Communities across the globe are starting to realize the potential contribution of women among the different sectors of the society.

However, to fully realize their potential, women must be given a good foundation in terms of the skills, knowledge and abilities that they have. To achieve this, immense training is needed. Hence, grants for women, which serve as an aid to the development and growth of women, is an essential element in helping women reach their true potentials.

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